Jews between two totalitarian systems: property legislation

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This article is a presentation of the general condition of Jews in Croatia after World War II in the crucial post-war period, 1945 (with reference to previous developments) until the beginning of 1948. The main characteristic of the position of Jews in Croatia was the restoration of the Federation of Jewish communities in Belgrade and Jewish communities in Croatia, renewal of their membership in international Jewish organizations, as well at the assistance and relief provided by international Jewish organizations to the few surviving Jews in Croatia. Particular attention is given to property issues, relating both to personal property and the property of Jewish communities and organizations in Croatia. This article shows the direct link between repatriation/citizenship with the right of property restitution, as well as the series of laws which, together with penalty clauses, mandated consequential measures involving the seizure of property. Having first identified the pre-war ownership of the property, the new Yugoslav legal system created a framework to nationalize Jewish property, thus changing the property structure of the new Yugoslavia.

Keywords: Jews, Jewish community, Shoah, Croatia, World War II, property issues

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